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Nutella Filled Linzer Cookies | Sugar Et Al


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by Ade Hopkins

Pet crab eats a bowl of noodles


Pet crab eats a bowl of noodles

Hello? Hell... o?




"Hello! Who are you?" 


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*Cancri tried to step back but she was too late* Hey! *She exclaimed when she got tapped by the blonde. Cance watched Mary run off and ran after her*  Not so fast! *The red head ran in the same direction Mary did* Wait up! *She chimed while running down the hall*

Mary kept running as fast as her little legs could carry her, but she knew Cancri would catch up to her soon enough. She laughed all the while.

"You can’t catch me! You can’t catch me!" She mocked.

She hit a dead end in the hallway with a door, and fumbled with the doorknob. She found it would not budge. "Oh no!"


*Scuttles after her trying to keep up* Hah! Dead end! *She fastwalks towards mary switching her claws into hands*

Tag! *pokes mary on her shoulder* Yooouuur IT!~ *runs away like mad but slips on saliva that was spat out by a silly portrait and falls flat on her back* Ouch! What was that??